Thursday, June 01, 2006

Andy Take Two

This is my life.
Quit my job ! :) Started my new one the other day at Family Video. Lots of fun. They Love Me There! I had a Blast on my first day. It just flew by and at the end I was the most relaxed I've been after working in a Very Very LONG Time.

Got a New Phone! Very Spiffy. I treated myself and got a camera phone. I know its not practical but I get to splurge on fun every now and then. And dont worry folks I kept my same number so nothing has changed.

Got to spend some time with Claude, Tony, and his GF Erica. That was fun. I kicked Claudes ass at Guitar Hero, spawning some salatious coments from Erica about Manual Dexterity. To sum up the night she took it upon herself to heighten Claudes and Myown Sexual Frustration through various stories, comments, inuendos and acts. It was an interisting night... then I got poked in the eye with a chopstick. That is an equally interisting story... with an equally interisting ending. but thats for another time.

For those of you who dont know, Greta is now down in Mt Carrol Illinois. Doing quite well. Lil hectic but shes having a good time. Check out her blog for all the details.

Greta, I miss you so much. Love you lots! Mwah! Hopefully I'll get to talk to you soon. Lots of stories to tell, including the chopstick. Hope youre less stressed and the the first show went off well. Talk to you soon.

To everyone else, I miss you guys too. Give me a call, Id love to hear from you, especially you Maggie! Summer is only so long. Call me. Id love to get together with all of you.
I shall leave you with an accurate representation of my childhood. Long Live NERF!

If you have problems reading it, just click on the picture.
Trust me... Its worth it!

Untill Next Time
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Blogger Chris said...

I love that penny arcade. IT has to be the best one.

6:35 PM  
Anonymous Maggie said...

Andy, I miss you too! Seriously, there is this guy that I'm working with that reminds me of you for some reason, he's going to strangle me if I call him Andy one more time. Sorry I missed your show, I was swamped with homework at that point... very sad. But I am so very, very excited to hear that you are thinking about going back to school, and I think web design would be really awesome! I have had to make websites from scratch for the school of ed, it's odd. You can check them out at I'll give you a call one of these weekends, I have off weekends, which is grand. Oh, and congrats on quitting McDonalds...I'm very proud.

9:43 PM  

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