Wednesday, May 10, 2006

At Long Last!

Well Its Been Quite A While Since I Posted So Grab Your Ankles & Hold On!

First off. Everyone should come and see my show! We open This Friday!

We're Having A Blast In Rehersal. We get an audience tomorrow night. So Much Fun!
Friday & Sat 730 pm @ McMillian Library Tickets $10 Come See It!

Secondly. I have decided to do something that is LONG overdue. I am quitting my job. Thats right. No More McDonalds! I finally got up off my ass and realized this is something I need to do, for my health, my well being, and my Sanity. I have landed a job at Family Video. Should be Fun. Sure it'll be a slight pay cut, but getting out of there before I become a McLifer is worth more than any amount of money. Thank you Greta for helping me realize that and giving me the encouragement I needed. I feels so good to know I will be done in two weeks. A real load off my shoulders. Not having to stress out about stuff. Not even really having to care! Yea! Itll be nice to be happy for a change.

Now Im starting to look at going back to school. Possibly in Broadcasting, Communications, that sorta thing. Im also looking at Web Design, Culinary Arts, and of course Theatre. Its time for me to get back to looking at the future, I haven't done that in a while. Lost alot of time. The future is not something to fear and dread, but a the next step in creating your life. I think I'm finally ready for that.

Well That was deep... Enough of that for now.
Hope youve enjoyed the lil update on Andy.
More to come. More than you can ever imagine.