Thursday, March 30, 2006

Gaming Brain Anyurism 2 hours in OR Christopher Lee, I love you, you crazy fuck!

Kingdom Hearts II is a great game so far. The first two hours are completly Fucked Up! They throw a buncha stuff at you right off the bat and you wont understand any of it untill youre an hour and a half into the game when you go "OH, I Fucking get it now!" And now i finally understand Deep Dive. I am increadibly impressed that they explained as much as they did for a Super Secret Bonus on the first game. It really ties in to the game.
The brain anyurism came an hour in the game where i was yelling at the screen "WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU GOING WITH THIS!!!" WHAT THE FUCK?!?"
The kudos to Christopher Lee is because he voices a character for the game. And as always he provides the perfect crazy psyco fucking villian voice!

To Greta: Love you! Sorry we got cut off before I could say goodnight properly. Ill talk to you Sat. Oh and I got the urge to make Pud at 2am before I went to bed. hehehe.
To all who read this and dont know what Pud is... get your minds outa the gutters.... its Jello Gigglers.

Now I leave you with a "That 70's Show Quote
DONNA: "So youre saying that Eric befriended me when i was 5 so he could do it with me when i was 17?
KELSO: "Well, that and your sweet Big Wheel..."

Monday, March 27, 2006


Long Day.
Fuck McDonalds. Fuck Bad Scheduleing. Fuck Walleye Days.
Insert Hysterical Screaming Here -->
Ok im better now. :)
Cooked out last night. That was fun. Tho I ran out of propane halfway thru and had to finish it on my George Foreman. It still tasted really good. Cooked for Nikki, Shane, Claude, and myself. We had Pork Chops, Grilled potatoes with Red onion, Grilled Zuchinni& Yellow Squash, Bread, and for dessert...Angelfood Cake with Chocolate Fudge pudding and CoolWhip. Practicing for when Greta gets back:) Made Quite a mess but its cleaned up now. Lots of leftovers. Well, now i wont have to cook this week while my folks are gone.
Went and played poker at bangers. Lost $3. Learned a new drink.
The RootBeer Float
- Vanillia-Cuddys: Vanillia Dr Magilicuddys Schnapps
- A&W RootBeer
- 2 Vanillia Flavored Coffee Creamers
Really it tastes just like a Rootbeer Float. And it keeps really well without getting all Funky:)
It was good.
Hey Greta, this will make you smile... I woke up this morning and Puppy was right beside me...Starring at me. It was so cute. Made me think of you.. kissy kissy.

Oh and a Neil Gaimen/Terry Pratchet inspired quote for all my friends.
"It is said that the DEVIL has all the best music.
This is broadly true.

But HEAVEN has the best Choreographers."
- Excerpt from GOOD OMENS

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Happy B-Day Mommy 50!!!

We had a suprise birthday party for my mommy tonight at Grant and Suzies. We totally got her. She had no clue. Lots of fun. Im sick. It hit me yesterday and Im not doing so hot today either. So its lots of water and NyQuill to try and recover before my 11-7 shift tomorrow. Joy.
To Claude... Sorry i had to bail on you the other night. I owe ya a pitcher.
To Greta... I miss you. Hope you are feeling better. I hope Spain is as wonderful as you hoped it would be. Lots of love and kisses. Oh and next time you see the stars, there's a kiss waiting for you.
To everyone else. Semper Fi

Sunday, March 12, 2006

I won!!!

The Poker Gods Have Been Benevolent
Tonight I won $30!
I was playing with some friends of the family and I ended up way of some very fortunate river cards...I got REALLY FUCKING LUCKY....I guess is what I'm trying to say.
The last couple of days have been really good for me in a betting sense. I won a shot playing darts the other day and now I won at poker. Sweet. If this seems somewhat disjointed its because I am a little inebriated...three beers inebriated to be exact. On another tangent, I tried tequila for the first time yesterday. It wasn't bad. I had a shot of Jose with salt and lime. I don't think ill be doing many more of those...Ill stick with my buddy Jack. And taking into account the fact that I am indeed drunk, a bit, I'd just like to say.... I really miss you Greta, especially in my swizzled state. (wink) Hope you are having fun with all the little leprechauns in Ireland. Ya know what id do if I went to Ireland. Id take like 50-60 Snake Eggs and just leave them there to see what would happen...but I guess that's because I'm evil...hehehe.

Oh, heres another comic I think youd like Greta... Kisses

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Sleep Deprivation & Merlot

The last five or six days have been interesting to say the least... where to start...

This past weekend my sister Nikki was home and she brought her boyfriend Shane along...This was interesting...Come Back Shane...Sorry had to get that out. ( if you get this reference, good for you, if you don't...meh oh well you'll do better next time. we cant all be winners) This was the first time I've met him, tho I did try to intimidate him on the phone once... which I'm sure didn't work. He seems like a pretty good guy. Looks like they are happy. allways either holding hands or cuddleing. Made me miss Greta really bad...I wanna cuddle...pouty face. I didn't get to talk to him much cause I had to work but I like him. If he ever hurts her, I'll end him before he can blink but I like him.

Secondly, I am now in a play. Wis Rapids Com Theatre is doing Dark of the Moon in mid may and I decided to go audition and I got cast. The director is an old friend of mine, Linda Garski, we did Little Shop of Horrors when I was just outa high school so we have some good history. I got cast as Hank, its not a huge role but I get some funny one liners and I get to be a "sinner" and get saved...hehehe, oh and talk in a hick accent for the entire show. So it could be fun. I need something to do, to take my mind off of things. We had our read thru on monday night. Good group of people, some I know some I don't. On my way home I rented a bunch o movies cause I have two days off work( inner monologue: happy happy joy joy.....Fuck McDonalds...and done) I rented Proof and Wit, cause I was in a theatreish mood and I rented a couple of independent films cause they looked interesting... this brings me to...

I ended up not being able to fall asleep and watching movies until 5am... not as fun as you'd think. On the upside all the movies were good. Proof was great, as was Wit. The indies were standard of films like that. Not bad. Tossed and turned. All night long. oh well I got to sleep in tho. I woke up around 11:00am and laid in bed till round noon thirty. Got up, did some stuff till round 5pm then I ended up making dinner for my folks. Pasta. this brings us to...


Dad decided it might be nice to have a bottle of wine with dinner. This seemed like a good idea consitering we had 13 bottles of wine in the house. And no one here drinks wine. People bring it at Christmas and leave it. So we picked out a nice Merlot Cabernet to go with our spaghetti ( dont know if it's spelled right and I don't care) It was pretty good, a little dry for my taste but it complimented the pasta well. So we are having a nice dinner, mom dad and myself. This is when my dad decides that the wine would be better as a spritzer. Ok. So he procedes to mix this good wine with DIET CAFFINE FREE MOUNTIAN DEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We can now establish were my family lies on the sophistication food chain... we're a step above Chilli Fries. He explained that he learned this from his brother Billy. The story goes that back in the day Billy used to drink a lot of cheep nasty red wine so to make it taste better he would mix it with Sprite or 7Up to make it taste better. Well one night he ran out of wash so he mixed it with Mountian Dew and he liked it better. Now as I am ranting I must divulge this. I tried it and it wasnt half bad. Im sorry world...I thought I was better than this. Meh. Ya win some, ya loose some. Welcome to my f'ed up life.
Eh im beat. Quittin time, gotta recouperate. I leave you with a comic I found funny...
Greta I love you and I miss you. MWAH!

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Fun in Wausau

I spent the day yesterday in Wausau visiting friends. Had a pretty good time. Many interisting things happened.
I sat in on the final dress rehersal of WIT, a play I was in two years ago. I hate to say it but the theatre program has really gone south at UWMC. They were still fumbling lines and they open tonight...ouch. The guy that was playing the part I did... I dont think he knew anything about the character. It didnt seem like he had any connection. And once more Sarah Rudolph is playing the main character... and she isnt good at it. Far too happy for a old woman dying of cancer.
On a brighter note i got to hang out with my friends... which I really, really needed. Awesome news!!! Josh and Rachel are together now. About Damn Time. Great for them. Oh and Pat and Anna are engaged now, which is also very cool.
An interisting thing happened when i was at Wal-mart... I was in the bathroom.... stay with me here.... and of course there was the usual graffitti on the stall... and amongst all the Fwords there was the phrase " I RULE IN HYRULE" followed by the Triforce symbol. How low have we geeks fallen. You should be ashamed of yourself.
Oh and by the way....ah hem... FUCK MCDONALDS AND THE BRAINDEAD PEOPLE WHO EAT THERE!!!!!!!! Sorry long night... I'm better now :)
Also Ive been having weird dreams for the past few nights... is it a sign of repressed anger if for the last couple nights Ive killed at least two people in my dreams a night? Seven last night in one dream... maybe im going crazy.....crazy-er... Meh. oh well. And last night I was Batman for a bit... that part was cool... and weird. I gotta stop reading comics before bed.
Well its getting late and i gotta go to work in the morning.... Joy!
More later